"Sex Files"(interview,photo session,girl talk kink show),Part of a Discovery Channel Series-Montreal episode

Discovery Channel's "Sexual Secrets"-inverview+fetish demonstrations

Several documentaries based on witchcraft,the occult and the paranormal-last documentary was filmed fall 2005.

Appearences on several European and Canadian product ad commercials.


Murder -erotic horror thriller-out in European film fests for 2011(Demark,Germany,Italy and etc...).

Histories Macarbre de La Terre (Macarbre Tales of The Earth) horror film fests 2009 worldwide.

La Possession de Marie-Claire 2006

Noir Fatal (Fatale Black)-This title may also  have appeared as "Votre Sang" in French and in English as "Feel Your Blood" 2003/2004

meutre dans la nuit 2003

Magazines & Publications

Noir Fatal magazine (France) 2006

Dark Romance magazine (RIP) (USA) 2006

Gothic Beauty (USA) 2006/2007

ELLE Quebec (Canada) 2005/2006

L'Amour Secret (Canada)2006

Ninth Gate Magazine (RIP)(USA)2008/2009

VAMPEROTIKA first issue 2008

Goth.ZA (RIP)(South Africa)2008

Voltcase (UK) 2008/2009

Grins from Below webzine 2008

Metal Queens Book Carnifix Black Metal edition(USA)2009

Develution (UK) 2008

Harmon Comics-muse+comic book character since 2008 (USA)

Spider's Web (UK)2009

Bizarre Girls Book by Bizarre magazine Denis Publishing (2008)

Bizarre Magazine (UK) appeared both in 2008 and 2009

Serpentine Promtions zine (USA) (2009)

Body Art #2 Book by Bizarre w Denis Publishing(UK)(2008)

Old Nick magazine (USA) 2008

Alt.Noir Magazine  (2009+2010)

NVF magazine (USA) : Scream Queen feature (2009)

Fixe magazine 2x featured (2009)

Beyond The Dark Horizon (USA) (2009)

Queens of Scream the new blood book (USA) 2009)

Metal Queens Models book -Carnifix (USA) (2011)

Alt.Fashion Magazine (UK) (2009)

Gothic Magazine (GER) (2009)

Dark Spy Magazine (GER) (2009)

PinUps for Felines book (USA) (2009)

Witches Digest interview (2010)

Serpents Tongue (2010)

Cemetary Gates by Corvis Nocturnum (2011)

Enoches Publishing featured an entire foto model book in my honor (2012)

Pest Zine 2012

Bound -A Tribute to Bettie Page-book by Enoches Publishing (2012)

Pin-Ups For Felines 2nd edition by Enoches Publishing 2012

Stores & Merchandise

*Anna Kiss-UK+Canada
*NorthBound Leather-Canada
*Rock 'n Stock-US
*Erota Masks-Canada
*Living Dead Souls-UK
*Sphinxart Jewelery-AU

Other Stuff

Hav worked with numerous bands for video,poster,merch model-to many to mention all but here is a short list of some recent bands worked with:


-Frozen Mist

-Dead Whoremoans

-Texas Blood

-Time to Kill

-Howling Sin

-Folk Earth



-In Loving Memory


-The Seventh

-Amputated Repugnance

-Dimmu Borgir

Recent Photos